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Hi all!
Need a good classical guitar? Do contact Carsten Grøndahl "Green Valley Music" for information and feed-back. Just bought myself a top classical guitar via Carsten´s help and service. Model Casimiro Lozano, spanish double-top! Reasonable price! Excellent service from Carsten Grøndahl providing me with three ex of this excellent classical guitar builder (note: I have been playing I. Fleta for 25 years and feel that today there is a good deal of top-guitar builders that deserves recognition!) Another thing; Carsten Grøndahl also helped selling my old/new Australian guitar! Convenient not to travel 1000 of miles in order to try out Your new instrument. Also convenient to let someone else take care of the buisness of selling Your old instrument. Thank´s! Harald Söderberg

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Om ni har vägarna förbi Guitarras de Luthier i Madrid så kan ni ju slinka in och testa Lozano. Innan sommaren var priserna på Casimiro Lozano dubbeltopp 4500 euro (ca 43000 SEK), vanligt lock 4000 euro (ca 38000 SEK) och (sonen) Victor Lozano dubbeltopp 2900 euro (ca 27500 SEK)